Wide Pine Flooring

Wide pine floors also known as wide plank floors are warm, luxurious, and beautiful when derived from high quality logs. Our Wide Plank Flooring (14″-20″) is always of the highest quality and is one of our most popular sellers. With a variety of sizes and grades in stock at all times, we are able to fulfill orders quickly and efficiently to meet your needs.

At Robinson Lumber, our unique process provides us with the highest quality pine planks possible – perfect for any flooring project. This process includes:

  • A constant flow of white pine inventory providing us with the ability to always select logs with the best yield of high quality Planks.
  • All planks are sawed then air dried for 2-3 months before kiln drying
  • Pitch pockets that may occur from immediate kiln drying are eliminated

For additional information see our Wide Plank Flooring Pricing. Interested in seeing a free sample or learning more? Contact us.