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Lumber Business History
Over 60 Years – W.R. Robinson Lumber Co., Inc.

W.R. Robinson Lumber has been in business for over 60 years.
We are one of the few remaining lumber companies in Massachusetts that still buys standing timber and transports it to our sawmill.

The lumber business has changed so much over the years, along with many challenges along the way. The availability of quality stands of timber are few and far between these days, but it is still out there. If properly managed, it’s a sustainable resource that can continue to produce valuable timber for years to come.

Eastern White Pine is our specialty. Quite often, we will go back to woodlots we have harvested 15-20 years ago to bring back more of the quality timber we are looking for. Fortunately, we have some of the same employees we have had for decades. They know what is required to manufacture the best product possible.

When you are planning your next project, whether it be timbers for post and beam construction, shiplap siding for that barn or garage, interior trim, paneling or wide pine flooring, give out experienced staff a call to get started in the right direction.

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At W.R. Robinson Lumber Company, we offer a wide range of products for all of your lumber project needs. Whether you are a builder, contractor or even a do it yourselfer, our expert staff can help you determine what size and pattern of our beautiful Eastern White Pine lumber is best suited to your project. Click below for a full listing of our products, services, and delivery options. Our high quality lumber enables equine owners to build high quality facilities that are proven to be durable.

Massachusetts – Best Eastern White Pine in the USA

Nationwide Delivery LumberDelivery

Robinson Lumber provides shipping of its Eastern White Pine lumber products nationwide — from New England to California we can deliver to you! Our customer’s find that even with long-distance shipping our low pricing and high quality can’t be matched. Our nationwide lumber delivery is available either by one of our company trucks or by carefully chosen preferred carriers. Pricing and the best delivery method for you is determined by the size of your order and your location. Please contact us for delivery pricing and information specific to your order. W.R. Robinson Lumber Company is located in Central Massachusetts and has been manufacturing Eastern White Pine and Hemlock for over 50 years. Although many may not think of Massachusetts as a timber-producing region, Robinson Lumber’s sawmill sits in some of the best White Pine timber country in the Northeast. The majority of it’s timber is harvested within a 25 mile radius of the sawmill and many woodlots are managed so we can re-harvest again within 10-15 years.