Lumber Business History
Over 60 Years – W.R. Robinson Lumber Co., Inc.

W.R. Robinson Lumber has been in business for over 60 years.
We are one of the few remaining lumber companies in Massachusetts that still buys standing timber and transports it to our sawmill.

The lumber business has changed so much over the years, along with many challenges along the way. The availability of quality stands of timber are few and far between these days, but it is still out there. If properly managed, it’s a sustainable resource that can continue to produce valuable timber for years to come.

Eastern White Pine is our specialty. Quite often, we will go back to woodlots we have harvested 15-20 years ago to bring back more of the quality timber we are looking for. Fortunately, we have some of the same employees we have had for decades. They know what is required to manufacture the best product possible.

When you are planning your next project, whether it be timbers for post and beam construction, shiplap siding for that barn or garage, interior trim, paneling or wide pine flooring, give out experienced staff a call to get started in the right direction.

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6’ Kiln Dried Rough Pine
Special Offer- 6’ Kiln Dried Rough Pine

Special Offer from W.R. Robinson Lumber!

For a limited time and while supplies last, get  6’ Kiln Dried Rough Pine at amazing prices.

4”,6”,8” and 10” Kiln Dried Rough White Pine

10” Only $0.83 per linear foot
 8” Only $0.66 per linear foot
 6” Only $0.50 per linear foot
 4” Only $0.33 per linear foot

For quotes, questions or to place an order, please call: (413) 477-6050

Eastern White Pine Sheathing
Special Offer – Eastern White Pine Sheathing

Note: This Past Offer is Over and No Longer Valid

1×14” – 1×16” – 1×18” Eastern White Pine Sheathing

Kiln Dried – Center Matched Tongue and Groove – Planed 1 side 7/8” thick

Excellent Sheathing for Roofs and Walls

This Eastern White Pine makes excellent sheathing for roofs and walls. This thick, strong sheathing is for fast and easy installation.

Lumber Used 300 Years Ago

Use the same material the early New Englanders used for sheathing and is still found on houses going back 300 years.

Special Offer Costs and Savings

You gain an extra ¼” or 3/8” in thickness for less.
Only $1.60 per board foot,  based on 1,000 board foot minimum.
This equals $51.20 for 32 square footage of coverage.

Call Now: (413) 477-6050