Barn & Shed Shiplap Siding Price Guide

Our team of siding experts can work with you to plan your siding project and find the right product for your needs.

  • Our Pine Shiplap Siding is milled with a 1/2″ overlap dressed 7/8″ thick, with one side planed, the other side rough.
  • Most of our White Pine lumber used for our Shiplap Siding has the rough side left with the band sawn texture.
  • Upon special request, we can do a “circular” sawn texture for those that want an even rougher texture than our band sawn finish.

Interested in having your material Pre-Primed and Painted?
Robinson Lumber Company can provide you with a custom quote for either Un-Finished, or Pre- Finished Barn Siding.

Interested in seeing a free sample or learning more? Contact us.

Robinson Lumber’s shiplap siding is the ideal choice for barn siding, shed siding or many outdoor building projects. Below you will find pricing information on the most commonly ordered sizes and grades. Additional options can be provided upon request.

The listing below represents the most commonly ordered siding sizes and grades.

Shiplap Siding - W.R. Robinson Lumber Company
Shiplap Siding - W.R. Robinson Lumber Company

SHIPLAP Premium Grade

SizeLengthPrice per Board FootPrice per Linear Foot
1×6″8′ through 16′$1.40$ .70
1×8″8′ through 16′$1.40$ .93
1×10″8′ through 16′$1.35$ 1.13
1×12″8′ through 16′$1.35$1.35

SHIPLAP Standard Grade

SizeLengthPrice per Board FootPrice per Linear Foot
1×6″8′ through 16′$ 1.20$ .60
1×8″8′ through 16′$ 1.20$ .80
1×10″8′ through 16′$ 1.10$ .92
1×12″8′ through 16′$ 1.10$ 1.10


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W.R. Robinson Lumber Company has been in business in central Massachusetts for over 40 years. It’s founder, Bill Robinson, began logging in the early 1960’s and soon started making lumber with a portable sawmill he moved to each wood lot.

In the early 1970’s, a permanent sawmill location was established in the town of Hardwick, Massachusetts, where the mill still stands today. Along with the sawmill are two dry kilns, a planing operation and an 11,000 square foot retail building stocked with a variety of different sizes and patterns of Eastern White Pine products.

Although many may not think of Massachusetts as a timber-producing region, Robinson Lumber’s sawmill sits in some of the best White Pine timber country in the Northeast. The majority of it’s timber is harvested within a 25 mile radius of the sawmill and many woodlots are managed so we can re-harvest again within 10-15 years.

The company has grown significantly over time but remains a family business at heart. Bill’s sons, Bill Jr. and Ken now run the business along with several lifetime employees. Their personal touch, combined with their vast industry knowledge will make your experience at Robinson Lumber first rate.

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