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Free mulch for your plants and shrubs or other yard projects. WR Robinson Lumber is offering 25 yards of free pine sawdust loaded. Minumum 10′ bed for load. Our pine sawdust is a great way to dress up any type of landscape and give it a fresh look. We will load up 25 yards of mulch for you at no additional cost and the only requirement is your bed or trailer must exceed 10′ in length due to loading process. Take advantage of this offer now and also take the opportunity to see all of our fine lumber products. Thank you in advance for choosing WR Robinson Lumber for all your lumbers needs.

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‘Tis the Season for Landscaping and Mulch

With the rainy spring season beginning to wrap up, landscapers and homeowners alike are beginning the arduous task of preparing their yards and gardens for the summer months. One simple but key component that is sure to make a difference in any flower garden or landscape is mulch.

Mulch serves as a fantastic visual aid—providing accents to landscape and flowerbeds—but more importantly it serves as a type of protective barrier. This barrier separates the soil from the sunlight and air keeping the soil cool, at a more consistent temperature and providing the soil with a stable amount of moisture.

According to experts at Better Homes and Gardens, when choosing your mulch, it is important to keep a few things in mind.

The temperature and moisture level of the existing soil. 

  • If you are in a cool climate with high amounts of moisture a dark-color mulch may help absorb heat and keep moisture levels consistent.
  • Light-color mulches could reflect light and may overheat plants.

Plant type and general usage of the mulch.

  •  If you are planting flowerbeds, creating borders around shrubs or pathways within gardens one of the most popular options are wood chips or shredded bark. These provide sturdy options that last – protecting the existing plants and preventing weeds etc. from growth.
  • For vegetable gardens or annual flower beds that require regular digging/changing organic materials such as shredded leaves and straw may be a great option.

Once you’ve determined what type of mulch you need, the next step is to find a supplier. A local lumber company like W.R. Robinson serves as the perfect cost effective option for those looking for wood-chips, shavings or bark mulch. By producing mulch and shavings, lumber companies are able to maximize the use of their operation—using everything from the largest beams and timbers down to the smallest shaving. Like W.R. Robinson, your local lumber supplier may even have options like enhanced color to provide you with the perfect look for your landscape.