Frequent Asked Questions About Lumber Products and Services

  • Q- Can you blindnail wide pine flooring?

A- Wide pine flooring really should be face nailed, due to the width of the boards, face nailing will keep the flooring in place

  • Q- What is the difference between Shiplap and Tongue and Groove?

A- The difference between shiplap and T&G is that the shiplap will basically just overlap on the edges with a 1/2″ overlap, where the T&G will actually “interlock” on the edges where the boards are joined together.

  • Q- What percentage should I add to my square footage that I have to cover?

A- We recommend that you add 15% to your square footage to get the board footage, this will make up for waste, and also will make up for the fact that the board will not cover the full width afetr it is milled, for example a 1×10″ T&G board will actually cover 8 7/8″ after the milling process.

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