Uses for Eastern White Pine

Eastern White Pine is as American as apple pie. This is no surprise since it helped form our country and landscape since the last Ice Age. Rolling forests of Eastern White Pine stretch from North Carolina to the extreme eastern edge of the Continental Shelf and all the states inbetween, including our own great state of Massachusetts. Our country was built with pine after the wood became extremely popular in Britain to become one of the first American exported resources. American settlements were forced further into the land whilst looking for Eastern White Pine to send to Britain, all the while building with the durable, amply available and easily workable wood.

It is no surprise that Eastern White Pine has long been an American favorite, it is a light wood with a straight grain that is easily workable. This softwood has a soft to medium density that makes it easy to work with for carpenters, home building and outdoor builders. Its creamy white straw-like color has occasional orangish growth rings giving it a beautiful contrast and traditional outdoorsy look.

The popularity of Eastern White Pine is long-standing due to its multitude of uses that includes: carpentry (cabinet making, furniture, woodenware, etc), interior finishes (interior trim, window sashes, door frames, and more), outdoor home finishes (pine paneling, siding, sheds, gazebos, fences and the like) and of course wide plank flooring.


Due to its easily workable nature Eastern White Pine is ideal for carpentry work, work that requires pliable movement and a wood light enough to easily mount.  The intricacy required for carpentry is best served by White Pine as it can be easily carved, which is undoubtedly why it is the most commonly used wood for wood working, cabinetry, furniture building, woodenwares and more. Its affordability is another quality that makes it popular amongst home finishers and carpenters as many go through large quantities of wood to reach the final product.

Interior Finishes

Interior finishes require a light yet durable wood that can be easily worked and is affordable in price, which is why Eastern White Pine is the most popular for interior home finishes. The physical proximity and abundance makes it the most popular choice for Massachusetts home interior finishes for things like interior trim, window sashes, door frames, banisters, and other home finishes.

Outdoor Finishes

The knotty look or Eastern White Pine makes it perfect for pine paneling, siding, sheds, gazebos, fences, and other outdoor home uses. For outdoor uses most home owners are looking for an easily workable wood that has the traditional New England outdoor look, at a good price, hence the use of pine.