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Whether you are a builder, contractor or even a do it yourselfer, our expert staff can help you determine how much Eastern White Pine your project will require.

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Wide Pine Flooring

 Our wide pine flooring is available in a variety of sizes and grades with nationwide delivery options.

Barn & Shed Siding

Shiplap pine siding is available in a wide range of lengths, widths and grades for all your particular needs.

Beams & Timbers

White Pine and Hemlock are available for beams and timbers often used for garages, barns and sheds.

Pine Paneling

Interior paneling in a variety of sizes, grades and patterns is perfect for walls,  ceilings, and much more.

Lumber Products & Services

At Robinson Lumber, we offer a wide range of products for all of your lumber project needs including:

Wide Pine Flooring

Available in a variety of sizes and grades with nationwide delivery options. Wide pine floors also known as wide plank floors are warm, luxurious, and beautiful when derived from high quality logs. Our Wide Plank Flooring (14″-20″) is always of the highest quality and is one of our most popular sellers. With a variety of sizes and grades in stock at all times, we are able to fulfill orders quickly and efficiently to meet your needs.

Products -Lumber Products at W.R. Robinson -Eastern White Pine Lumber

Barn & Shed Siding

Our shiplap siding is made from Eastern White Pine and comes in a wide range of lengths, widths and grades. It is the perfect choice for siding barns, sheds, seasonal homes and much more.

Beams & Timbers

Robinson Lumber’s Beams & Timbers are perfect for timber frame homes, garages, and barns. Our beams and timbers are milled onsite with each piece individually graded according to your specifications in a variety of sizes:


Eastern White Pine Paneling

Robinson Lumber’s prestigious White Pine Paneling provides the perfect look for your interior paneling. Our wide selection of paneling can be used in both modern and traditional homes, on walls and ceilings. Depending on your needs, our experienced and friendly staff will be happy to assist you in choosing from the following choices:

Equestrian Facilities: Horse Stables and Riding Arenas

Equestrian Lumber Options

W.R. Robinson Lumber specializes in providing premium 1 1/2″ thick tongue and groove Eastern White Pine for high quality horse stall construction. This tongue and groove option provides a flush, ledge free construction to prevent cribbing and can include a v on the edge on the face of each board for a superior look. Our T&G lumber is an ideal solution for horse stalls and enables equine owners to build strong, high quality stables that are proven to be durable—lasting the test of time, through the toughest of horses.


W.R. Robinson’s beams and timbers are perfect for building barns and stables and the 3/4″ T&G pine paneling is ideal for beautiful and resilient interiors. This paneling is perfect for tack rooms, feed rooms and other storage areas commonly found in equestrian facilities.

Equestrian Arena Lumber

An indoor horse arena can provide a safe and effective location for year round equestrian training and can prove to be an asset to any equine operation. W.R. Robinson Lumber has provided quality lumber for arenas throughout New England for many years. Our lumber can set your arena apart by providing a timeless, elegant look to complement any equine facility. Whether it’s a classic wood truss arena with an interior of wood paneling, or a traditional wood barn with shiplap siding—we have the knowledge and experience to provide you with the right materials to meet your needs.

Please contact us for additional information or to request pricing on our equestrian stable and arena lumber.

"I got all my notty pine for my house here your can't beat their quality or price anywhere. It's worth the ride."

Nathan Robbins

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“I purchased all the pine for the front of my garage . Painted barn red and its been up for several years and looks as good as the day I installed it .”

Tracy tibedo

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